How long does it take to clean gutters?

Keeping water away from home, preventing moisture damage and stopping the accumulation of water on the roof – the gutter in your property is very important. Keeping the gutters clean in Concord and free of contaminants is essential to maintaining a protected, leak-free home.

That is why it is so important to check and clean the gutters regularly. But what exactly does gutter cleaning involve? And how long does it last? Read on to find out more.

Protecting your property

The amount of time it takes to run the gutter clearance depends on many factors, including:


It is clear that larger properties will have more gutters around the perimeter. For example, a typical Concord semi-detached house will last up to 2-3 hours from start to finish. However, the larger the property, the longer it will last.

Property type

Older properties usually require slightly more work because they do not have the necessary implementation to prevent gutter blockage. When they were built, there was no problem with clogged gutters, so they require a little more work to fully ensure that they are clean.

Weather conditions

Unfortunately, the weather affects all aspects of outdoor work. Whether it’s raining or howling, it’s simply not safe to work in certain weather conditions. Bad weather can delay gutter spacing and can affect the time needed due to broken pipes or accumulated blockages.

DIY versus professional

You can decide to let go of the gutter yourself, but you can spend hours climbing the ladder. Professional cleaning will be faster and save you effort. We do not recommend performing any gutter works without the appropriate equipment and training.

Work quality

The time provided may vary slightly depending on the company. This may depend on the availability of staff or experience, but may also reflect the quality of work. If one quote appears much faster than the rest, it could mean a rush of work.

Professional roofing specialists in Concord

Regular gutter cleaning should definitely be part of the annual to-do list, especially before and during the winter months. In addition to protecting your home from harsh elements, regular gutter cleaning can help alert you to potential problems on both your gutters and on the roof.

The team at Concord has the knowledge and experience to quickly and effectively clean the gutters while checking for any problems or potential problems in the future. We conduct professional gutter and roof works in the local area, helping to protect both residential and commercial real estate.

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We will photograph your gutters inside to show that we thoroughly cleaned them.