What is the fastest way to clean gutters?

In autumn, the leaves not only change colors – they also fall to the ground and to your gutters. If the prospect of crawling over the roof and clawed bottom with a glove causes you to delay this duty, think about whether there is a better way to clean the gutters! We have two words for you: power tools. Check out these unconventional gutter cleaning Concord CA methods, then get to work!

A word of warning

Before removing creative gutter cleaning tools, use extreme caution when working on high roofs or ladders. Follow these tips to ensure your safety: For high roofs, use an extension ladder.
Protect your hands with thick suede gloves and wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

We advise against walking on the roof unless absolutely necessary. Bending over to the gutter increases the risk of falling. Access to the roof and gutters is safest when using the extension ladder. We also recommend waiting until noon when the roof is dry.

Before you start cleaning the gutters, make sure you remove dirt from the roof itself so that the gutters do not clog again when it rains! You can do this with a leaf blower or a broom.

If possible, clean the gutters with the help of another person who will support the ladder.

Don’t forget to clean the drain pipes when cleaning the gutters. A flexible rod with a brush at the end, which is commonly used to clean dryer vents, is great for this. Then water through the drainpipe to make sure it is clean to the end.

Leaf Blower

Just as it replaces tedious raking on the ground, using a leaf blower to clean the gutters prevents the need for manual debris removal. The easiest method is to climb the ladder to the roof and go along the edge, during which it blows the leaves from the gutter.

A safer method is to use an extension kit. It expands and bends the reach of the leaf blower, so you can clean the gutters while standing on the ground. When using this method, you must wear safety goggles because you are standing directly under everything that will be blown away. This is a messy but effective method, so get ready for the garbage falling on you!

Power Washer

If the storm hits before you can clean the gutters, the leaves can be sticky and wet. This makes leaf blowers and air compressors more difficult to work with. In this case, a better way may be to use a mechanical washer. Due to the force behind the high pressure washer, we recommend using a telescopic wand with a U-shaped tip at the end so that the gutters can be cleaned from ground level.

After cleaning, the debris litter the ground at the bottom of the drain pipes. You can pick it up with a rake or gloved hands or “sweep” it with a water broom. Dirt can end up on your siding, windows and everything else underneath. Consider removing garden furniture, etc. and be ready to rinse your home later if you need it.

Wet / dry vacuuming

Don’t you want to clean the soil after cleaning the gutters? Do it all by vacuuming the vacuum cleaner with a wet / dry vacuum cleaner. You can do this by standing on a ladder or you can again buy an extension kit that allows you to reach the terra gutters of the company.

Get help cleaning the gutters

Even with creative gutter cleaning tools on your side, it’s still an obligation you’re probably afraid of. If you do not have the time or physical capabilities to clean the gutters yourself, hand them over to Mr. Handyman. We offer professional gutter cleaning services, so you’ll never have to do this job yourself. To learn more or request cleaning the gutter at home, contact us today.